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PATREON REWARD term 04 : Kirio . Kirinji Bankai

About Kirio

“Soul fiesta”

it’s been a fun process

painting her. I got to experiment more on my painting style.  I really

fond of  brush stroke imperfection compare to soft smooth rendering. A

step closer to discover my own painting flow... if she appear to me with bunch

of delicious food, im not sure where to look if you understand what i mean..


Anyway enjoy her

bombshell figure.

About Tenjirou Kirinji Bankai

You should read my

fanfic chapter before continue to this one

CH 604-2 : Light Beast

as Nimaiya is entertaining Gerard using Komamura bankai, Kirinji , Kirio, and

Shutara are against Askin and Pernida.

Kirio start attacking Pernida with her wood element attack but Pernida seems to just twist whatever that gets close to him. Shutara also mentioned how she can’t get close to Pernida to use her weaving technique from the blind spot.

"If solid matter can’t get through, how about liquid matter?" as

Kirinji start using his blood pond technique on Pernida and Askin. The

Corrosive Blood Pond doesn't even reach Pernida while Askin stand cautiously

behind him. 

"What the Fuck! Seems like anything can’t reach him" Kirinji frustrated.

All of sudden Pernida

took control of the blood pond nearby him and start directing it to Kirinji

"How the hell?" Kirinji shouted in confusion while preparing to block

the attack; Shutara intervened and dragged Kirinji away from the attack using

her string.

"What are you doing? I can definitely withstand my own Blood Pond" Kirinji

stated his confusion to Shutara

"Shut up, i wasn’t concerned about your hot spring, but the thing that

control it...i noticed something ever since he killed my guard. I can see it

clearly now..his ability has something to do with nerve. if you ever got hit by

that pond just now you might have been turned to a pile a meat." Shutara


"Damn you were saying he could not just deal destruction but also control

the thing he touch?!"

"Shit! How we suppose to defeat that?" Kirinji frustrated.

"I figure things without graspable form might be good" Shutara explained

"You got to use that" as Shutara and Kirio look at Kirinji

“hmm I haven’t use that ever since hundreds years ago when I join the zero

division. guys better take care of my body after this”


Kinpika Otoroshiboshi “Guardian of  the Shrine StarGilded Splendor ” 

as it transform to a drill like spear with 8 edges surrounding the core, Tenjirou appears with a big fire furnace shaped like a demon head with boiling blood pond inside it flowing out from its mouth. Tenjirou also has flowing Bluish hair that resemble lion mane around his collar.

“Here we go…” as Kirinji

disappear and appeared behind Askin

“Fast…” Askin shocked and step away

“That was close…”Askin express his relief

“What are you talking about?" Kirinji asked.

“I heard you were known as the Lightning step Tenjirou ; I admit you are living

up your name however such a shame I guess you are not fast enough to attack me”

Askin mock

“I already did…around 180 times”


“cough! ARRGGKK...!!!” Askin blood burst out from his chest and all over his body

“The me you saw behind you was just me taking a break from moving my body so fast” as Askin dropped down on the ground.

Pernida attacks Kirinji and Kirinji dodged the attack however somehow Pernida

attacks have grown quicker and managed to get Kirinji’s Arm.

“Shit Looks like I underestimated your power lil bit….”as he obliterated his

arm with his zanpakutou

“it would be a fucking disgrace to my name if that attack can touch me again!!”

as Kirinji shouted and activated his shunkou

Shunkou Sentorou Senkei!!!”

“Flash Head Beast"

A giant white ray light wings in a shape of Kirin head appear behind

Kirinji’s back as light particles start to emit around his eyes and arms.

Kirinji also drink the blood hell pond and regenerate his missing arm as he

scream in agony. Feeling the blood boiling inside of him, his eyes turn Red and a lot of pattern start to form around his body like magma burnt and form a tattoos of Demons


As Kirinji shouted and charged toward Pernida, all the surrounding turn so

blindly bright. Once the light disappear and Kirinji appears behind Pernida

just standing

“Your nerve just can’t keep up with my speed”

”Do you know how fast light could travel?”

299792458 meters per secons”

“Those are the number human use to determine how fast the light able to move.

Those are also the number of times I had attacked you” as Pernida slowly turn

into dust…

Soon after that Kirinji drop down to the floor “Sorry guys Im at my limit, my body won’t be able to move for a couple of months now….I’ll leave the rest to you guys.”

Typical bleach explanation moment.

His Zanpakutou is light base weapon, the rarest it could be. To keep up with

that speed He train his shunpou to help him utilize his zanpakutou to its

maximum however it never enough. He figured he need more so he invented


adding kidou to shunpou to extent its capability. Shunkou can utilize many element…and He managed to utilize the light sacrificing all the elements destruction power into mere speed. Here he is being able to move as fast as the light. 

That He has become the light… 

However moving in that impossible speed, No Physic could withstand the damage of force.  So He invented the hot spring to heal his body but his last experiment led him to the point of drinking it. It’s very dangerous however it allows his regenerative ability to withstand the damage on certain amount of time inside the light force. However once this process finished, his body will lose his ability to move and only will recover in few months inside the hotspring or decades without the hot spring.

All of sudden there is a voice

“thankyou for your information I could set my lethal dosage to avoid death” as

Askin stand up with all his wound healed.

“You…”Impossible….”Kirinji shocked as he lost his consciousness.

“Guess ill deal with you ladies next.” Askin said toward Shutara and Kirio

Yeah no idea how to continue this. let your imagination run wild what will happen maybe you can write here down at the comment below.

Really enjoy developing these characters….hope they could have more roles to play instead of just being killed offscree. they deserve more credit for entitled as the Strongest Shinigami. If you want to grab this goodies

pledge me on PATREON by

clickin this link here


it comes with PSD files where you can play with the layers

and full hi res JPEG

Follow me on this blog

for more artworks and me explaining what i draw, please do comments and reblog


Check out some exclusive content


some old works


#bleach #vinrylgrave


PATREON REWARD term 03 : Shutara . Oh'etsu Bankai

About Shutara

“Thread Me…Softly…”

it’s been a challenging process to paint makes me practice more on the hand gestures which I’m very lack of practicing. The idea behind it would be she is a very elegant women but with a sadistic characteristic. She must like to be in control and I drew her as she kind a laid back but all of her hands are pulling you to serve her. BDSM must be her kind of things especially with that threading ability hahahahah.

Anyway enjoy her slick fair skin figure..i would love to be weaved….

About Oh-etsu Nimaiya Bankai

“Not Ten”
“Not Nine”
“Not Eight”
“Not Seven”
“Not Six”
“Not Five”
“Not Four”
“Not Three!”
“The name’s Nimaiya Oetsu!

To make amends of the zero squad off-screen defeat, I would love to write my own version.
I picture him got back up after Lille went voltstanding and shot him on the chest. The idea maybe Kirinji went bankai and heal Nimaiya. So he got back up washed up with some stronger new bankai blood pond Kirin Den healing goo(yeah probably my next bankai piece will be Kirinji) and goes

“thanks pal,”
“Shits is gona get really interesting”
Nameless Sword Grave” as all the asauchis flew to Nimaiya’s location forming like a grave of sword and wooden pieces that form like a nametag linked together by red thread appears floating on top of his body surrounding him. as he points up his finger and a massive asauchis is flying shreading the sky toward that direction and shouted
“I am the man who created the strongest zanpakutou!!!”
"the Asauchi”

“they have no name they have many names, they have no form yet they can shape to many form” as he enchanted it like a rap poetry 

“they look powerless to me just a katana without its soul” Lille reply and shot at Nimaiya direction a couple of times

“Too slow bro” Nimaiya evaded and point his finger on Lille to counter attack with countless swords. As Lille busy shooting all the blades into nothing,
“the one you should fear isn’t those many swords” Nimaiya whisper as he appeared behind Lille unguarded.
Lille just realized those are just decoys but it’s too late to evade the blade aiming at his heart yet Gerald intersected the attack and blocked the sword with bare hands and smile “don’t forget about us” said Gerald.

“FOOL…..bro!” Nimaiya replied and said “Zanka no Tachi: South
KABOOM !!!!” both Gerald hands are obliterated along with a chunk of his abdomen.
Lille evaded the explosion in shocked and wondering how the fuck he can use that skill while that was stolen by Ywach and more importantly its not his bankai.

“Impossible how do you?” as he express his confusion
his right arm got obliterated and he doesn’t know what hit him “Fuck! Im am not in his blade distance, how the hell…?” 
“it wasn’t burning…what is it?” Lille wondered in his mind.

Before he catch his breath. Nimaiya appear so fast in front of his face and grasp his neck with an asauchi pointing at Lille’s face and call “Korose,Kamishini no Yari” as Lille’s head turn to nothing in instant.

as how bleach usually do thing they have to just explain right here I go ahhaha

“You guys must be wondering aint cyaa…”

“I told you didn’t I? I’m strong…..” as Nimaiya walks slowly toward Gerard as the asauchi he is holding turn into dust and grab another asauchi on his way explaining

“like I said, they have no name and no form, they can be anything”

"therefor ALL the shikai and bankai that has ever manifested will answer to me and lend me their power nomatter where they are nomatter if the wielder is dead….ALL!
simply because I am their creator."

it will appear for a brief moment into an asauchi and destroyed the asauchi on the process cus the power is too strong for them to contain but hey they are so many of them. hence it is also their grave like the bankai name.

Continue to the story….

Seeing Lille got defeated, Gerard manifests his Schrift the Miracle and turn to Titan
Nimaiya smirk and say ”Wow…damn bro you grow massive….No worry Ill play with cyaa”

Nimaiya call out “Kokujo Tengen Myo’o Dangai Joe”as a titan showed up.

meanwhile Askin and Pernida will vs Kirinji, Kirio, Shutara on handicap 2 vs 3 match
(im gona write the continuation with my next patreon reward Kirinji Bankai)


If you want to grab this goodies

pledge me on PATREON by clickin this link here

it comes with PSD files where you can play with the layers
and full hi res JPEG

Follow me on this blog for more artworks and me explaining what i draw, please do comments and reblog

Check out some exclusive content 

Arrancar Raiden by vinrylgrave
Arrancar Raiden
Hello guys pledge me on Patreon for just 1 USD to support me making this kind of fan art.
it will be non watermarked and full resolution.

ESPADA from the WEST
-Aspect of death: "despair"
-Number: 05
-Power: Raiden is a masters of swordsmanship and has a lightning speed. Raiden sacrifice his hierro and high speed regeneration to boost his speed to the maximum. he is confident with his swordcraft and speed that he wont suffer any injury in battle. He is the fastest arrancar in the arrancar history.

'WHAT IF RAIDEN MGS is Arrancar"
PATREON REWARD term 02 : Nelliel . Shuhei Bankai
Pledge NOW before 30th of NOVEMBER to grab this goodies.will be released on 07.December 2015
30 early bird TIER 2 REWARD pledger will receive PLEDGE ONE GET ONE previous term reward for free as my Christmas gift (Zaraki Bankai plus Nemu NSFW)
29 spot left.

thankyou for all the patience of my patron who still stays with me and support me. next term i got a pretty awesome idea about ZERO SQUAD DIVISION OETSU NIMAIYA's  BANKAI and SHUTARA NSFW. which will be released on 07, January 2016.

pledge me here if you like to see bleach related artwork. Click the link below...

i really had fun painting her since she is my favourtie female character in bleach universe, so this package comes with her full arrancar cloth plus semi nude and fully nude layer in PSD.
i wish i could include her new outfit but i cant find any detail reference and information except from the manga which is i have no idea what color it was.
so i set her up on her bedroom with sturdy Ox themed interior with a puffy sheep pillow to mix cuteness and strength 
i also include Itsygo doll to help her sleep at night at Hueco Mundo since they cant see each other very much. Dont worry you can hide this doll if you think he is  in your way of mesmerizing Nelliel's body but hey i would switch place with that damn Itsygo on her lap right hahahah...

Reap ; Kazeshini (Whatever...)
yup maybe you guys can help me with the name for his bankai.
i know i heard alot of fiction about how his bankai would manifest. i like the idea of the instant dead concept but its too overkill. so i think about it and i found my own way to manifest this idea
since his sword is in wind element, i would like to still maintain that power.

so first of all i design him to have a bankai that effects his attire like zabimaru and zangetsu.
so this attire actually increase his mobility as he is riding a you would expect his speed would increase tremendously to help him utilize more on his kusarigamajutsu.

second, i designed alot of bandages covering his head and close 1 of his eyes just try to portrait how he fear to look at his power but the same time he accepted it since the other eyes is not covered...yah i think he is emo hahahahah
then i add a lil bit windy black and red aura at his head just to make him look awesome lel.

third, the best part is his kazeshini. although the usage isnt change at all, it is because i want him to still be the most expert of this type of weapons. but the ability ofcorse...i dont want him just to spin that shit and cut people.its useless.
so what i envisioned is, his kazeshini would spin so fast it could bend space...
the theory is like this, i like how tachikaze works as it burst out each punch kensei did.since they both have the wind element zanpakutou, i would love that for shuuhei. so in normal slash, kazeshini will has burst when it spins..yeah it will spin in unimaginable speed to create a vortex that bend space.
yeah imagine if that hit the enemy on the body.its just got obliterated with nothings left. 

NOTE: on the psd layer you gona have his VIZARD MASK i designed. dont worry KENPACHI HAS ONE TOO!!!

okey thats all hope you guys like it wish more crowd on my Patreon page so we can discuss alot of bleach stuff there and maybe start out poll rolling.
Patreon reward term 01 - NEMURI NANAGO NSFW

Hello guys this is my 1st term NSFW reward
since nemu not that popular through out the series and ive seen so lil fanart about her, i decided to make her fanart.
i really enjoyed drawing her in this more realistic style. explored alot of things on the process to train more on my painting skill
originally i would like her to sit on pernida but after many though n tried alot of poses. I decided to go with this one minus pernida. since i read the emotional chapter i would like to literally pose this way. so everybody can literally dont wana wake up around her arm right hahahahahah
those fluffy furry blanket i put lil bit of kurotsuchi touch in it

if you like what you see and would love to see more...

pledge me here
and you got to play the undress layer in psd file(ya fully nude) plus hi res image.

in case you missed this reward im gona open new package to get my old term reward plus the upcoming reward soon.
stay tune and super duper thankyou guys :D


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im an art passionate individual who are starving for design and ideas.
Art has been my life ever since i was a little kid and i would not want to ever give it up for any other things.

Personal Quote: Plan might changed,Dream should NOT

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